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Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN is an efficient tool for supporting the economic development of regions threatened with high unemployment; it also provides opportunities to create new work places and develop industry on the basis of the existing infrastructure. Depending on the needs, potential market and territorial preferences, IDA provides support to investors in selecting the best location for all new projects.

  • we are one of the most dynamic zones in Poland in terms of development. The hundreds of successful investment projects initiated in the areas covered by the zone prove that we are capable of providing efficient support to entrepreneurs;
  • our zone includes areas located in southern and eastern parts of Poland ‒ from from Grójec, Radom, Biała Podlaska, Krasnik to Tarnobrzeg, Stalowa Wola and Przemyśl. There are many different locations, diverse types of real estate and varied logistical conditions;
  • a new company needs to employ fresh people. What we offer includes many local labour markets, where we can ensure access to personnel of all professions and fields of specialisation, with the added benefit of universities and professional education establishments being located nearby;
  • a new company also needs suitable buildings and industrial infrastructure: production halls, warehouses, offices, and personnel facilities. We also arrange the construction and modernisation of buildings at different locations and to various extents. We have handed over several thousand square metres of new halls and buildings to investors. The next turnkey construction project may be for you, to meet your specific needs and required standards;
  • there are zones that offer easy access to seaports. Our proposal is to take advantage of the LHS Broad Gauge Metallurgy Line. The LHS runs close to many areas located in our zone, and this includes terminals and reloading stations. The LHS offers cheap and quick transport of bulk and piece-meal raw materials, or other goods, to and from Russia and the Far East;
  • every large, medium or small enterprise can count on professional service, clear and well-developed procedures, and help provided by our specialists: lawyers, economists, and other employees handling investments and surveys.
  • we cooperate with business partners and local educational institutions in developing professional well-educated Staff.