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The area administered by IDA JSC covers 35 township and country districts, including 261 municipalities located in the Podkarpackie, Lubelskie and Mazowieckie voivodeships.


  • districts: Niżański, the town of Tarnobrzeg, Tarnobrzeski, the town of Przemyśl, Przemyski, Stalowowolski


  • districts: Bialski, the town of Biała Podlaska, Biłgorajski, Chełmski, the town of Chełm, Hrubieszowski, Janowski, Krasnostawski, Kraśnicki, Łęczyński, Łukowski, Opolski, Parczewski, Radzyński, Rycki, Tomaszowski, Włodawski, Zamojski, the town of Zamość


  • districts: Białobrzeski, Garwoliński, Grójecki, Kozienicki, Lipski, Miński, Siedlecki, the town of Siedlce, Zwoleński, the town of Radom

In line with the government Strategy for Responsible Development, 15 medium-sized towns within the TSEZ area have been given a status of towns losing their socio-economic functions. For these towns, the minimum investment thresholds have been significantly lowered. In our area, these are the towns of:

  • Nisko, Przemyśl, Stalowa Wola,
  • Tarnobrzeg, Biała Podlaska,
  • Biłgoraj, Chełm, Hrubieszów,
  • Krasnystaw, Kraśnik, Radzyń Podlaski, Tomaszów Lubelski,
  • Zamość, Kozienice and Radom.

Total TSEZ area covers 3 241 765 hectares

For a detailed information table on required minimum investment expenditures according to particular region  CLICK HERE