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Polish Investment Zone

In the beginning of September, the legislative process was ended in respect of the widely-understood project named “entire Poland as a special economic zone.”

After the adoption of the Act on supporting new investments, time came for secondary legislation. In the first week of September, regulations were published regarding:

  • public aid granted to certain entrepreneurs for implementation of new investments,
  • determination of areas and their allocation to administrators,
  • acts authorising individual management companies to issue decisions granting support.

Therefore, area administrators may implement the adopted regulations, and subsequently commence activities aimed at drawing new investments to areas within their jurisdiction.

Thanks to the new regulations, the investor may indicate the place of its investment project, and after meeting quantitative and qualitative criteria, may apply for a decision granting support.

The grant of this decision depends on the type of activity which the economic operator intends to conduct at the chosen location, and on meeting the quantitative criteria (incurring qualified costs at a pre-determined level) and qualitative criteria, described in detail in the regulation on public aid.

On the basis of the decision granting support, the economic operator will be able to use an income tax exemption.

TSSE EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN - what has changed:

  • tax exemption available throughout the country,
  • new criteria for obtaining concessions supporting underfinanced regions,
  • new territorial areas, where public aid is the largest, up to 70%,
  • exemption from tax for a period of 10, 12 or 15 years is a guarantee of investment time - after obtaining a decision to support,
  • more available investment for micro and small enterprises adapted to their individual needs,
  • faster decision making on support.