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Procedure for obtaining a decision on support lasts approx. 1 month. Make an investment in 5 simple steps:

Step 1

Check if your investment is located within the area managed by TSEZ EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN

Step 2

Check the required amount of investment expenditures (for a detailed information table, visit https://tsse.arp.pl/en/investors-guide/where-to-invest)

Step 3

Contact TSEZ EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN to learn more about investing

Industrial Development Agency JSC
Branch in Tarnobrzeg

Investor Service Team

Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone

Tel. 15 822 99 99 ext. 120, 111


Tel. 601 351 933, 515 151 482, 723 633 231

ul. Zakładowa 30

e-mail: biuro@arp.pl

39-400 Tarnobrzeg

www.tsse.pl, www.Strefainwestycji.arp.pI

Step 4

Download, complete and submit an application for a decision on support:

English version
Polish version (obligatory to complete)

Step 5

Wait for the decision (the area administrator has 30 days to make a decision)


In order to obtain a decision on support, an entrepreneur should meet the minimum quantitative criteria related to the given project and five selected qualitative criteria for the Mazowieckie voivodeship (six for grójecki district) or four criteria for the Podkarpackie and Lubelskie voivodeships.

Quantitative criteria: investment expenditure depends on the unemployment rate and the size of the company (reduced for companies from the SME, SSC and R&D sectors), and varies for individual districts.

The entrepreneur makes a selection from the list of qualitative criteria presented below.

Qualitative criteria:

  • projects supporting competitive sectors
  • entrepreneur belonging to the national key cluster
  • research and development activities
  • creation of specialised jobs
  • care for the environment and clean production
  • improvement of employees’ professional qualifications and cooperation with vocational schools
  • employee care activities (additional benefits)
  • status of a medium-sized, small or micro business
  • achievement of a certain level of sales outside Poland
  • location of the investment in a medium-sized town losing its socio-economic functions or a municipality bordering such a town