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Machów Industrial Park

Works related to the establishment in Tarnobrzeg and Chmielów  the "Industrial Park MACHÓW" are gaining pace. On September 30 this year in the headquarters of the Tarnobrzeg Branch of the Industrial Development Agency S. A. another meeting was held with representatives of local authorities and infrastructure managers, managing industrial infrastructure.

Local authorities were represented by Mr. Dariusz Bożek, Mayor of Tarnobrzeg, Mr. Wiesław Ordon, Mayor of Nowa Dęba, Mr. Jerzy Sudoł, Head of Tarnobrzeg Poviat and Mr. Bogusław Potański, Member of the Tarnobrzeg City Council, part of the infrastructure requiring was planned by Mr. Jacek Maślanka, Member of the Management Board, Siarkopol Tarnobrzeg, Mr. Wojciech Brzezowski, President of the Management Borad of Zakłady Chemiczne Siarkopol Tarnobrzeg and Mr. Józef Motyk Director Liquidator of the Machów Sulfur Mine and management of the Tarnobrzeg branch of the Industrial Development Agency SA.

Project meeting was initiated by the project manager - Mr. Krzysztof Wędrychowicz from ARP SA  Branch Office in Tarnobrzeg, to  sum up previous arrangements and implemented activities along with a wide range of tasks.

A number of important issues were discussed which have a significant impact on the development of this area. These matters relate to projects for the reconstruction of roads in industrial areas, construction of pedestrian-bicycle tracts, lighting, bus stops (including bays) and bus depots as well as roundabouts at several intersections, integrated local development plans in Tarnobrzeg and Chmielów, the problem with old buildings that threaten the life and safety of people and their negative impact on the entire area, plans of Siarkopol capital companies related with the office building in Tarnobrzeg, solutions to problems with buildings where the local health centre is located, significant nuisance to the environment related to the activities of FCC Tarnobrzeg, together with the most important issue in relation to road infrastructure development and  the opportunity to communicate the area with these roads.

The idea of ​​establishing the MACHÓW Industrial Park is part of the tasks entrusted by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology to establish a Package for Medium Cities. This plan is aimed at equalizing development opportunities in all areas of the country, in particular those facing socio-economic problems. As a result of the activities of the IDA Branch, lighting was created last year for Zakładowa Street, and this year the construction of a parking lot for trucks with sanitary facilities will be completed - these investments are financed from the IDA. As emphasized by the director of IDA in Tarnobrzeg, Mr. Adam Kuśnierz - the participation and commitment of both local authorities and other entities supporting work on improving investment conditions in Machów is much appreciated. This is our most important task.

The next meeting is scheduled for December this year.