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Best Technician of the Region

On Tuesday, January 7, 2020, at the Royal Castle in Sandomierz held the final of the contest for the Best Technician of the Region, aimed at high school students from the Staszów, Opatów, Tarnobrzeg, Stalowa Wola, Nisko, Sandomierz and neighbouring districts of the lubelskie province. The originators and organizers of the competition were students and branch staff of the Jan Kochanowski University in Sandomierz, while the event was under the honorary patronage of the Tarnobrzeg Branch Office of the Industrial Development Agency JSC in Warsaw, managing the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN.

Filip Kaczmarski from Ożarów won first place in the competition. Maciej Łysak

from Kraśnik and Konrad Leżuch from Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski both took second place, while Jakub Staszczyk from Tarnobrzeg and Kacper Bielak from Kraśnik came third.

The first stage of the competition was carried out in December last year at schools. The students were to prepare competition projects, which they sent for evaluation. The best were selected and their owners met on Tuesday at the Royal Castle in Sandomierz.

"The competition is a great initiative to promote technical trends among young people who are faced with the choice of their future professional career. Currently, many companies operating in the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone have problems with employing young specialists, so such an initiative certainly contributes to the development of future staff in the region, "says Mr. Marian Cąpała, Deputy Director of the Tarnobrzeg branch office of ARP S.A.

The competition has been under the honorary patronage of the Agency also because of the signed agreement, which aims to strengthen cooperation with the Sandomierz branch of UJK. The university's educational offer includes among others, mechatronics and English philology - one of the most sought after professions in the region. Dr. Małgorzata Makowska-Brzychczyk, the Dean of the Branch of UJK ensures that this is the first but not last edition of the competition, which enjoyed great interest among young people, as well as the competition organized by cosmetology, which was held in parallel to the technician contest.