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On April 2, 2019. representatives of Industrial Development Agency JSC (ARP S.A.) Branch Office in Tarnobrzeg gave investors subsequent decisions on support for running business within the area of the EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone.

New projects will exceed PLN 72 000 000.

The decisions were received by the companies:

TECHNOBETON sp. z o.o.Ryki District, Lublin Province, maufacturer of concrete products, the investment will refer to the diversification of the company's production through the introduction of new products on the market, the purchase of a technological line, equipment, software and R & D research necessary to implement the production of prestressed concrete girders. The aim of the project is primarily to increase the competitiveness of Technobeton sp. z o.o by implementing the results of research and development and innovative solutions in housing and service building construction.

NORGPOL Czerwinski sp.j. Ryki District, Lublin Province; the goal of the enterprise is to develop the company by implementing the results of research and development and introducing product, process and technological innovation. All innovative solutions will concern the production of safety glass. As part of the new investment, the company will purchase machines and equipment for the production of glass, and innovations related to the technology of laminating the glass with resin will be implemented. The Center for Research and Development will also be expanded to meet the requirements related to the new scale and scope of production. Norgpol is a member of the Eastern Construction Cluster, which makes it possible to establish cooperative contacts in the field of glass trade.

PREMIUM2 sp. z o.o sp.k. Grójec District, Masovian Province; as part of new investment, the entrepreneur will produce food gelatine, including food gelatine hydrolyzate and other articles related to this production. It is an innovative technological investment, which increases the company's competitiveness on the market. The company will set up a new production plant , and the state support  will be valid for a period of 10 years.

Since the introduction of the Act on Supporting New Investments, the zone management authority has granted 9 decisions on support and 7 permits to conduct business within the area of TSSE EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN. Entrepreneurs will develop new investment projects with a value exceeding PLN 443 000 000 and create 760 jobs. During the 22 years of operation , a total of 386 permits were granted  for zone investors. The companies have invested PLN 8.4 billion and employed over 24 thousand employees.