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Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN,

carries out tasks related to investor service and management of the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN. The main objective of the TSSE is to increase the economic activity of areas that are considered less developed economically, by using the existing investment qualities of these areas and developing cooperation ties in the zone and its immediate environment.

For 20 years now, TSEZ has witnessed granting permits and successive location of new investment in the zone. The managing authority has granted nearly 367 permits to conduct business activity within the zone. Over 140 active entrepreneurs at the moment represent various branches of industry: aluminium processing, pharmaceutics, consumer glass, electronics, manufacturing building materials, furniture and printing industry. The image of the original area of the zone has undergone a substantial transformation.

IDA Branch Office in Tarnobrzeg contracted the construction of a complex of modern production and storage facilities for hire for new investors along with modernisation of production and office facilities already present in the zone. The resources made available to investors in the zone include investment areas, mainly utilities, buildings and technical infrastructure. The owners of this property are enterprises operating in the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone at the time of its establishment as well as the municipality and the management of the TSSE EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN - Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A. in Warsaw.


  • Investment offer diverse in territory, price and logistics
  • Rich offer of new "green field" areas, production halls, warehouses and office buildings
  • Construction of new production halls and warehouses for potential investors
  • Highly assessed human resources in each branch and specialisation
  • Fast, cheap and direct transport of goods to the East – wide-track railway line LHS
  • Various forms of cooperation with existing entrepreneurs
  • Tax incentives and exemptions for each investor
  • Friendly local governments
  • Professionalism and experience of the zone's staff, that helps investors in each step of conducting activity within the zone.
  • Well-developed cooperation between business and educational institutions located within the zone.

Industrial Development Agency JSC (ARP S.A.)

A State Treasury company which since the beginning of its activity (1991) has been responding to the most important needs of the Polish economy. In the transformation period, ARP S.A. saved thousands of jobs, modernizing large and medium-sized enterprises.

Today ARP S.A. is a dynamic company whose strategy and scope of activities is based on three equal pillars. These are: Innovation, Restructuring, Investments

The headquarters of ARP S.A. is located at ul. Nowy Świat 6/12 in Warsaw. The agency also has branches in Katowice, Mielec and Tarnobrzeg.

Industrial Development Agency S.A. is the owner of the PRO ARTE ET HISTORY Foundation, which manages the Castle and Park Complex in Baranów Sandomierski and Krasiczyn.

ARP S. A. Mission and Vision

ARP S.A. Strategy sets a new mission for the company that closes in the slogan: "We include development. We are changing industry. "
According to the vision, ARP S.A. will be a reliable partner that stimulates the development of Polish industry by:

  • a coherent system of innovation support, creating a bridge between business and the innovation environment;
  • financing of restructuring processes and development projects
  • raising the value of assets.

Strategy based on three equal pillars


The goal is to support the construction of a knowledge-based economy, increase competitiveness and accelerate the development of Polish industry, which means a significant increase in investment in innovation. By 2020, ARP plans to invest around PLN 1.3 billion to support the development of innovation.


It assumes support for restructuring and development of enterprises in order to increase their ability to compete on the market and operate in periods of economic downturn. ARP S.A.’s  offer will be targeted mainly at large enterprises that require significant financing. In the area of restructuring aid, those enterprises will be financed, for whom there is a chance for effective restructuring and achieving a lasting ability to compete on the market. ARP S.A. will provide financing in the amount of up to PLN 100 million for up to 7 years. By 2020, for the financing of restructuring and development processes for ARP S.A. plans to spend PLN 1.8 billion. ARP will finance support and public aid from funds transferred annually by Ministry of State Treasury from the Entrepreneurs Restructuring Fund, from own funds, and mainly from capital accumulated or multiplied as a result of accumulation of profits from commercial activities of the company.


Its purpose is to build the value of the portfolio of companies and real estate, managed by ARP, and to support the development of investments in special economic zones. In the new ARP strategy, zones still occupy an important place. The effectively managed EURO-PARK MIELEC and TSSE EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN will support all pillars of the strategy, including through an offer for enterprises implementing innovations. In order to maximize the value of ARP assets, there will be created Closed-End Investment Funds for Non-public Assets (FIZAN) for portfolio companies and real estate.
Expenditures for the development of the SSE EURO PARK Mielec and TSSE WISŁOSAN as well as the expenditure on newly created Closed Funds of Non-Public Assets (FIZAN) will amount to over PLN 160 million.
ARP through investments, synergy effects and effective asset management under FIZAN and SEZ, will increase their value by 2020 by about PLN 0.2 billion.

Strong support for innovation

As to effectively support innovative activities, ARP S.A. started from internal changes. It introduces a new management model based on the culture of innovation. It assumes  flexibility of action and ability to take risks and seek innovation not only within the ARP Group, but also outside through innovative environments.

On the basis of its companies, organizations, related and interdependent institutions and partner institutions, the Industrial Development Agency creates the ARP Ecosystem. It will work for the needs of small and large industries, providing financial resources for development and industry support in the creation, adaptation and development of an innovative product.

One of the key new ARP S.A. services will be an Innovation Broker, or a technology transfer platform. Its main task will be to associate suppliers and recipients of innovations with a view to commercialization. The Innovation Broker database will contain information on: available technologies, patents, licenses and possible areas of their application, as well as on the needs of innovative enterprises.

A new image

The introduction of the new strategy is combined with the complete reconstruction of the visual identification system, which includes the headquarters and ARP branches. The decision regarding changes was preceded by image research. They were carried out at the turn of 2013 and 2014. The conclusions from the research were the basis for the development of a new company logo. A circle is characteristic for a new character. The transition from light to dark blue color with a distinctive beginning and end symbolizes the process - from idea to industry. The task of the new identification system is to strengthen the recognition of the ARP brand.